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Wade Campbell

Managing Director

Wade Campbell is the passionate force behind Borderlands. Hailing from Canada, Wade boasts more than three decades of experience in delivering outdoor adventure and training programs across North America and Asia. His journey started in 1984 with the Canadian Outward Bound School, leading to the establishment of Borderlands Sri Lanka in 2004, following years of dedication at Borderlands Nepal. Wade’s love for adventure and unending enthusiasm have been instrumental in shaping Borderlands into what it is today. His vision, expertise, and tireless commitment continue to drive our mission of providing exceptional adventure experiences to tourists, corporate groups, and youth alike.

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Laxmi Limbu


Laxmi Limbu, one of the founding members of Borderlands, has been an integral part of the team since its inception in 2003. With expertise in outdoors activities and river expeditions, she’s the guiding force behind our thrilling adventures.Her passion for both the outdoors and cultural engagement embodies the spirit of Borderlands.

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Sales & Marketing

Dinithi has been a key member of our team since 2013. With her background in CA Sri Lanka and the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management, she efficiently manages both sales and operations. Dinithi specializes in crafting tailored training plans to meet client needs and facilitating smooth operations, ensuring our guests have a great experience.

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Sujithkanth Renganathan

Course Director

Sujithkanth is our Course Director, beyond his role as a course director, Sujith extends his warm hospitality to our guests and engage with the guests sharing the Sri Lankan culture, ensuring that their stay at Borderlands is nothing short of exceptional.

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Eco-Lodge Manager

Samitha is our Eco Lodge Manager who oversees the operations and management of Borderlands camp at Kithulgala. Samitha's passion for adventure goes beyond the office; he's an adrenaline junkie with a deep love for all water-related activities. His dedication to his role extends to international participation in Canoe Slalom, Canoe Freestyle, and Rafting events in 2017 in France, where he honed his skills from the training and was part of the championship.

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Skipper (Ocean Safari)

Nihal, our experienced skipper at Ocean Safari, is your go-to guide for unforgettable whale watching tours in Weligama. With his expert knowledge and keen eye, he ensures that you have the best chance to spot these magnificent creatures in ocean. Nihal is also a certified PADI diver, adding to his credentials as a water enthusiast. Whether you're embarking on a whale watching adventure or a diving expedition, Nihal's expertise and passion for the ocean make every excursion with him a memorable experience.

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Graphics and Web

Luxman, the creative mind behind our online presence. As our graphics expert, Luxman designs and updates our website, which serves as our primary online gateway. He's the artistic force responsible for crafting eye-catching graphic posts that keep our audience engaged. With Luxman at the helm of our digital efforts, we ensure that Borderlands' online presence is as adventurous and visually appealing as the experiences we offer.

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Senior Guide - Raft & Safety Kayaker

Supun is our skilled safety rafter and kayaker at Borderlands. Hailing from Kithulgala, he knows the local waters like the back of his hand. On the river, Supun plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of our guests. He scouts the best lines for our rafts and diligently patrols for potential hazards. With training in first aid, Supun is always ready to provide assistance when needed. He is soft-spoken and gentle in manner, calm and reassuring manner ensures the confidence to carry out the water adventure activities.

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Office Assistant

Ajith holds a special place in the Borderlands family as our longest-serving employee. With unwavering dedication, he assists the staff at our Colombo Head Office, ensuring the smooth functioning of our operations. Ajith's experience and commitment have been invaluable in maintaining our administrative efficiency.

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Senior Guide

Malaka, our Senior Guide, is your trusted companion for all water adventure activities at Borderlands. With years of experience under his belt, he ensures your safety and enjoyment on the water. He provides guidance and leadership during activities such as rafting, kayaking, and other water-based adventures.

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Kasun is your go-to guide for adventure at Ocean Safari and beyond. Whether you're seeking ocean thrills, biking expeditions, or kayaking adventures, Kasun's expertise covers it all. As a surf instructor in Weligama, he'll have you riding the waves with confidence. With a passion for outdoor activities, Kasun brings his energy and knowledge to every excursion.

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Kavi is your go-to guide for an array of adventures at Borderlands from down South. Whether you're embarking on an Ocean Safari, exploring on a bike, paddling in a kayak, or catching waves with a surfboard, Kavi's expertise will make your experience memorable. As a surf instructor in Weligama, he'll have you riding the waves in no time.

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Youngest Guide

Araylia, the youngest guide on our team and Wade's daughter, is a remarkable young adventurer. Fearlessly taking on all the adventure activities, she showcases remarkable physical and mental fitness, defying her age. Araylia's unique role involves guiding school kids of her own age during our programs. Her youthful enthusiasm and relatability resonate with the young participants, inspiring them to embrace adventure with confidence.

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Store Keeper

Udani, a local from Kithulgala, is our dedicated Store Keeper. Since 2023, she has been managing our inventory with precision. With her background in Commerce A Levels, she handles procurement of kitchen goods, fresh veggies, and beverages efficiently. She's the one coordinating with local vendors and ensuring the kitchen staff has everything they need.