ACS – June 2016 – Day 4

ACS – June 2016 – Day 4

Today, day 4 and final full day at borderlands, everyone had a lot of fun thanks to a day packed with action. In the morning, we were all exhausted and tired because of a tiring day yesterday. Everyone was at least 10 minutes late from morning stretches. Right after that, we play a team game called the bird and the tree; every two people formed a group and the bird had to fly to the tree after hearing a clap from the guide. To make it even more entertaining, free milkshakes for the winners were on the line! Omar and Jude ended up winning which made everyone jealous because we all loved those milkshakes.

All day we went from one activity to the other in no time. Me and my team went canyoning and for us to be able to do that, we had to walk 5k to arrive at our destination, the canyon. We all had lots of fun sliding, jumping, walking on rocks, and diving into the river. We came back to camp floating in the river in groups forming circles for no one to get lost.

Directly after that, we had to find a way to boil an egg with only matches, dead plants and of course, the egg itself. My team managed to get first and we were all very happy with our standings. We continued the team games with a very hard and tricky activity. We had to find a way to cross a high rope with everyone holding hands and trying not to touch it.

We were all extremely tired after a long day so, we decided to jump in the river to refresh ourselves and have fun.  Everyone was getting ready to shower so we could all have a fun night celebrating our last day here at camp. As usual, the bar was packed at 6 pm and everyone wanted milkshakes. Two minutes after we got ourselves these milkshakes, the bar was packed again with all of us demanding milkshakes and hoping that the bartender will notice us.

This night was awesome. It started off with Wade, the director, singing some songs to us to make us feel comfortable and happy. Many students also performed songs, including me. Everyone was happy and dancing after the talent show with us hosting a party to say goodbye to this wonderful place. Borderlands has taught us so many things. For example, many of us learned to overcome our fear of bugs, which was a big step forward for some people. Also, Borderlands taught us to never give up and to always keep marching forward.


-Salim Kheireddine

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