Rural Biking

Rural Biking

$0 per person

Take a ride through the leafy, scenic back-roads of a typical southern village that lies inland from Weligama. The 15 km trail snakes its way alongside lush rice paddies, rubber and cinnamon estates, small-holder plantations and home gardens, places of worship, rural homes – several that feature architecture from traditional as well as colonial styles – and other points of interests such as the local “kadey” – i.e. a small scale local “boutique” that is at the heart of day to day necessities of village life. Have a coconut drink from the local shop!!! The highlight of the trip is an elevated lookout beside a small lake covered with Lilies and Lotuses. The lake and surrounding rice paddy fields also provide ample opportunity to witness some of the local birdlife.

Location: Weligama – Bora Ela
Duration: Half Day
Bookings timeline : One day Notice

Guided Tour Cost
WELLIGAMA – $45per person
** All Rates are in USD inclusive of taxes

Biking Guide who is trained in First Aid First Aid Kit
International Standard Bikes

What to Bring
Sport Shoes or Sandals with Ankle Strap Sunglasses
Water bottle – Reusable

  • Included
    Rural Biking
  • Not Included
    Experienced river guides who are trained in certified in CPR and First Aid
    First Aid Kit
    International Standard Safety Equipment
    Optional Support Gear
    All other necessary equipment