Your safety is of paramount importance at Borderlands.  Borderlands has invested in certifying our local guides to international standards and we pride ourselves on meeting international expectations on health and safety. Our aim is to ensure that you will have a real adventure we manage the risks professionally and responsibly.

Commitment to Safety

Risk may be inseparable from adventure, but for Borderlands our clients’ safety and well being is our top priority. We operate our programs, activities and adventures to strict International Safety Standards. Borderlands has a set of specific operating procedures in place for each activity, which includes a safety briefing, and equipment and gear check prior to all activities. We are the only adventure operator in Sri Lanka who insists on safety kayakers for all of our water activities, so that we can be sure that river conditions are managed at all times.


Borderlands values a diverse staff to meet the array of goals and interests our customers bring to us. Our trip leaders are professionally trained and dedicated to creating safe environments in collaboration with our participants. Borderlands instructors are educators and in the field they focus on blending technical skills and instruction with opportunities for participants to explore and develop their understanding of wilderness ethics, leadership roles, and teamwork.

Borderlands guides are First Aid and CPR certified, and receive constant on the job training in safety and rescue procedures. We also use outsourced expert trainers such as UK canyoning guides, Paddle Canada, and SRT rescue 3 to ensure our guides have up to date and continuous safety and medical techniques.


Borderlands uses only modern equipment up to international standards. Borderlands operates alongside EDGE, Sri Lanka’s premier outdoor adventure outfitters store, so all our equipment comes directly from the source. Our life jackets and buoyancy aids are made to order, ensuring that the jackets will not come off in the water. We continuously check our equipment and upgrade it when necessary.